Writing for the Archdiocese of Regina

Since the beginning of the year, I have written numerous articles for the Archdiocese of Regina newsletter. The articles are varied in content and will be forwarded every second month. The initial one was about my involvement in doing Lay-Led Liturgies in Senior’s Homes. The following articles include Welcome to Church! which explains the excitement of visiting various churches wherever a person travels. There is great joy in meeting new people and celebrating the Mass with them. I wrote about two females that I encountered at my last book signing in October. The article is called, Two Opposing Viewpoints and describes how two people can contain such strong feelings towards God in different ways. The most recent article for Easter is about From Darkness to Light: The Easter Vigil Mass. I have just completed an article about Charisms: the Gifts that God Gives us that will be added to my website.

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