About God in my Life

PAT SCHIISSLER is a retired educator who had a vision.

She experienced a heavenly presence that was both startling and challenging, yet never frightening. It was real and all the events of this book occurred in her life. At first, she struggled to have her immediate family believe her. Later, she wanted friends and acquaintances to become informed. The Holy Spirit moved her to tell all people, even those who won’t believe what they read.

Pat’s life was somewhat secluded growing up on a small farm near Melville, Saskatchewan. Being part of a loving Catholic family formed her to have a relationship with God at an early age. Spending time walking and talking with God initiated events she would have never dreamed possible. Reading stories about things that happened to others, created doubts about the events actually being real. Eventually, she came to the point that denial was no longer an option. How many coincidences can someone experience? For some unexplained reasons, things were happening that only God would be privilege to.

Pat always believed that God is real and His interaction became evident beyond belief.

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