About Patricia Schiissler-author

Patricia Anne Theresa (Hanowski) Schiissler was born on February 25th at St. Peter’s hospital in Melville, Saskatchewan. She was baptized Roman Catholic before leaving the hospital. Pat remained Catholic for her entire life. The Hanowski family owned a small mixed farm about six miles from the town. She attended the one-room, eight grades, country school for her first four years of education. She left Wymer School at the end of grade four when the family bought a house in Melville.

At the beginning of grade five, Pat started school at St. Henry’s. Her mother had to find work to provide income for the support of two residences. Her father drove to the farm every day to attend the livestock. He still continued to grain farm as well. The Hanowski girls needed to take responsibility for their own care at an early age. After the daily chores were finished, Pat spent all her free time reading any books that she could access. After school activities were not allowed. They lived in Melville for four years and then decided to sell their house and return to farm living. A bus route had begun and Pat, with her sisters, would be bused to the Catholic school in Melville.

Upon the completion of grade 12 at St. Henry’s High School in Melville, Pat applied to the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus for a certificate in education. This was a difficult time for Pat to transform from country to city life. Eventually, she completed the program but decided to remain at the University and work in the library. In June of 1973, she married her husband Terry, and later stayed home to raise their son and daughter.

Pat stayed home with her young family but became very restless to pursue more education. She returned to the now University of Regina, and completed a degree in education. After ten years of being at home, she found employment as a teacher-librarian. Pat continued to work full–time for 26 years until her retirement. Gradually during the years of teaching, Pat became more involved in the parishes that they were attending. She enjoyed teaching Children’s Liturgy, Proclaiming, and being a Eucharistic Minister.

Pat’s true desire was to become involved in her parish church; she felt drawn there for some reason. Even after her years of life and work experience, fear persisted to expose the reasons for her true spiritual feelings. Eventually, she crept into revealing a strong desire to proclaim her true belief in God and how He had blessed her life. Her focus now changed. She could still work with children by substitute teaching and trying to love them as God showed us to love. Pat could also work with parish programs in the evenings. She could work with bible studies and Christian adult education. Pat wishes to tell all people-every human created-that we truly have a God who is present and interacts with us every day. Believe the true leaders that God has chosen for us.