Bible study year

Since Covid-19 dictated much of what could happen this year, I began with something we could easily do.  We could subscribe to Father Mike Schmitz’s Bible in a Year podcast and I advertised it as the new year of 2021 began.  I personally followed along with the podcast daily on my own.  Now,  that the year is winding down and some restrictions are being lifted, the Spiritual Education committee at Holy Cross is continuing our focus on the bible.  Beginning in the middle of September, Thursday the 16th, a miniseries of Movie nights will begin.  There are ten episodes that follow the stories of the bible in sequence.  Everyone will have a chance to witness the order of events.  Nearing the ending of these movie nights, in the middle of October, Thursday, the 14th, a new bible study called, “Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible” will begin for the following 8 weeks.  Here is a great opportunity to learn the bible, or deepen your understanding!

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