Medicine Hat Cole’s – 10th Alberta book signing

Thank you Alberta.  You are a very welcoming province for new authors.  I loved the time that I spent in the Chapters/Indigo/Cole’s stores there.  I repeat myself, but the management, staff, and residents that I met were wonderful people.  Many people were willing to share their stories with me and offer suggestions for future books.  I was told about where I could meet more people and serve them in a new way.  Many things to now consider!  My Medicine Hat book-signing on Saturday, June 16th, 2018 is where I wished to complete my planned book-signings for this year.  There is more opportunity but it would mean traveling to stores in larger cities, further away.  I feel the desire to ponder all that was researched over the past couple of years, put it into perspective, and pursue a second publication that would be completed a couple of years from now.  At present, I am being invited to speak at various local events about my life, book and journey to become an author.  I have a new position on spiritual education, and have new choices to do bible studies, and programs of interest.

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