Book Signing at Chapters


Saturday, January 28th, 2017 was one of the best days ever!  Bonnie and the staff at Chapters Regina are some of the most professional, friendly, helpful, and welcoming people  that I have met.  I was given an opportunity to speak with many wonderful people who stopped by my table.  The book sales were great and benefited both myself and the store.  Hopefully, more people will return for a purchase after our wonderful conversation.  I  also met  people who don’t reside in Regina, but in some smaller communities.  Best of all – I was given an opportunity to share with others how God has worked in my life and continues to do so.  My love of God increases with each of your faith stories.  Please continue to share them with me.  You may comment to me personally on this website and not have it published on  the page.  Please ask me to keep it  private.  I will respect your wishes and do so. 


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