Excerpt from “God for all People”

My second, new and upcoming, book is still a work in progress.  It will not likely be finished until either Fall of 2021 or Spring of 2022.  Yet, with what I was recently shown, perfectly timed with the present Pandemic, COVID-19, this excerpt is meant to be shared.

FACT:  January 16, 2020. The following morning, I was somewhat on the verge of awakening from a great night sleep when a realization confused my thoughts. I was bundled in a large, loose fitting, soothing, and pure white robe. It felt like being snuggled in a soft down comforter. To my surprise, I was on a boat with Jesus and His Apostles.  They were busy anchoring on shore while battling a storm but I could perceive their nearness and activity.  The robe began to slowly open and I was being gently deposited on the shore in two loving hands.  There was a peaceful presence; I had no desire to leave.  I couldn’t see any face or body, just a flowing white robe.  I was given the bible words, “don’t look at the storm, look at me.” “I know. Those words are so familiar.”  I turned around.  It was gone. The Lord wants our eyes on Him, not on the storm. I felt like remaining on that particular spot forever and never, ever leaving.  Later, it was time to arise and begin my day.  What did this vision mean?  I uncertainly warned my husband at breakfast that something extremely dangerous would be coming in the near future. There was an ominous feeling that never disappeared. Now, after returning home with the COVID-19 virus attack, I daily feel Jesus robes surrounding me without fear.  Coincidentally, it became a time of isolation as I began to write about my protagonist, Jennifer, beginning her assignment in the isolation of the North.  I can feel her stress as I self-quarantine for personal safety.


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