Calgary – Crowfoot Terrace book signing

Friday, May 25, 2018.  What a fantastic evening in Calgary!  The evening began by  Terry meeting up with a former Notre Dame friend and catching up on former days at the college.  I met many new people who were willing to speak with me at the Chapters store.  I really observed a contrast in faith as the evening progressed.  Some youth came into the store as part of a scavenger hunt.  They were part of a Christian youth group and you could definitely witness it from their attitude and behaviour.  Even though they were rushing with their competition, they stopped and asked about my book and story.  They listened attentively as I spoke of my faith.  After they left, a group of older women came in.  Since one of the ladies was staring at me, I began conversing with her.  She had a slight snicker on her face.  The moment she walked away, she returned to the other women and began to talk, stare and point her finger at me, while laughing quite openly.  My feeling of acceptance and joy remained because of the beautiful witness of youth!


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