A fundraiser was held in Melville last weekend, February 24th and 25th,2018.  The St. Henry’s Social Justice committee gave me a grand opportunity to be part of their Mary’s Meals charity event.  I was able to share a couple of minutes after each Mass speaking about my Melville connection and how God created a surprise journey for this local farm girl.  It totally amazes me how God chooses the least expecting people to do his work and then gives them the courage to do it.  I always knew that I wouldn’t be capable of openly declaring all the things that God has done for me.  Now, as I look out at the people listening to me speak, I feel how much I  love  to declare  God as our Savior.  Monday morning, I was invited for a brief interview with the Melville Advance.  A donation of $320.00 was raised for Chili for Children from the God in My Life book sales.

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