Winnipeg – St. Vital Mall book signing

Many blessings to the people that I met in Winnipeg.  It is truly amazing that there is such a diverse group of believers.  Some people approach me with the intent to subdue my belief in God by presuming  greater knowledge than me.  No problem.  My story is my autobiography.  Nobody has lived through those spiritual experiences except me.  I can’t misinterpret any part of it since it is true to my life.  Other people are full of love for God and faith already and are searching to learn more.  I really welcome these and enjoy sharing my truths with them.  A lady told me that God knows that I am sitting at that particular table, at that moment, and will send people to me.  I have witnessed that many times with complete strangers.  My wish is to create a spark of God’s presence into all the people that see the display as they pass by my table!



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