Ireland and Scotland Tour

Upon returning from a trip to Ireland and Scotland, I can’t help but marvel at my good fortune.  My parents, through God’s grace, created our home in a country where we are allowed freedom of religion. I can love God without fear. It was my choice to not truly disclose how much I loved God and all that He did for me.  It was not because I was afraid of political persecution.  The people that remained true to God and practiced their Catholic faith did so at great risk to their lives.  What great inner strength!  We saw altars hidden in the trees, well off the beaten path.  We saw the results of war and the scars it leaves on the people.  The trip was a type of pilgrimage where I learned about monasteries devastated by terrible,  selfish monarchs of the past.  True humility is demonstrated by seeing the sacrifice of so great a people.  While traveling on the coach, I had a couple of opportunities to reveal my book to people who I befriended.  They are now interested in God in my Life, in places like Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, in the U.S.A. and in Scotland, U.K. 

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