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We often think that God is somewhere beyond our present world. But what if God did things in ordinary days that you couldn’t understand or even imagine possible.

My book is an autobiographical account of extraordinary incidents of God’s real presence in my ordinary life.


    1. Nancy. Thanks for helping me decide to publish my book. Your approval made me feel comfortable sharing my life with others.

  1. I just finished reading Pat’s book and it was a wonderful account of how God interacts and guides us in our lives. Pat’s account is something we can all relate to and can help us reflect on how God is trying to reach out to each of us. Being open to knowing of a creator who loves us can be a real guide to trust and believe in – whether we have good or difficult things happening. Thank you Pat for sharing your journey and I would recommend everyone take some time to read this inspirational book.

    1. Lori. I appreciate that you took time from your already busy days to read my book. Your comments are welcome and I hope others use them to read about our wonderful, loving God.

  2. Throughly enjoyed your book Pat! Interesting read about your path. You are a great story teller!

    1. I am fortunate to have many great people in my life right now. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words. Can’t help but love God!

  3. Pat, I really enjoyed reading your book. We are told we will never be given more than we can’t handle. You have handled life very well and positivity. It is a pleasure to know you.

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